Hamburg said: Deal with the weather.

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Hi there!
So a while ago I posted some photos from my trip in Paris and this time I wanna share my trip in Hamburg with you guys :)
To be honest, I went to Hamburg one day after I arrived from Paris but after a while I get used to it somehow, hopping from one place to another in a short time. I have a friend in Hamburg which is really good for my budget so I didn't have to look for a place to sleep. She's also Indonesian and has lived in Germany for about 10 years.
Overall, Hamburg is a beautiful city, a little different from other typical big cities in Germany. Actually I was quite surprised with the weather (nobody warned me before!) because it went from cloudy in the morning to sunny and then it was pouring and thundering in the afternoon. I also ate Indonesian food for the first time again after months. Say yeah for sambal and tempe!


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