Life update 2

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Hey everyone!
It's September which also means.... it's almost autumn. Whoa.
I decided to attempt to write again, because I'm the laziest when it comes to something like this. I've been protested quite often by my parents and my friends for not sharing much about what happened in my life at least as long as I'm away. Well the thing is, I'm not very confident of my writing and I don't think my life is worth-publishing. So I'm considering to properly write my whereabouts from at least the last 9 months that I've been spending living in another country and travelling. Just wait for some rambling posts (again) in the future!
It scares me sometimes when I look back and realize how time flies. I mean, I can't believe I'm turning 20 next year! And my brother is gonna be 15 this year?! I used to bring him to and pick him up from school 3 years ago and now he's 15?! Okay, I''m gonna stop the excitement slash late realization.
But it really hits me when I reflect at the past years of my life and look at where I am now, it's not like I haven't planned it but it's also not that I expected it at all. I've achieved my dream; living in Europe. Not to mention I've given the chance to visit beautiful cities across Europe, meet a lot of people from around the world, get paid from what I call a job, save money, see things in new perspectives, do the laundries, clean my own bathroom, cook, plan the next steps of my future... it just got so exciting and challenging that I forgot I only have 3 months left.
I don't want this to end, but I miss everyone. I want to go home, but I don't. I think it's quite selfish, isn't it?
So, I hope I'll see you again -in the form of proper blog post- very soon! Ciao!
And here's some sneak peek of what I'm about to post.


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