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As I've promised on the last post, I'm going to write more about my traveling life although you might find it boring or not so entertaining, I'm trying to write basically for my own documentation.
So at the beginning of April this year, I had a week free from the kids because my host family was flying to Turkey. I've been wanting to visit other cities in Europe and my choice goes to... Paris. (I mean, I knew I had to go to Paris one day).
It was my first time traveling alone, so based from recommendations of my host fam I booked a trip to Paris for one. You might think it's rather pathetic traveling alone to Paris-as it is called the city of love-but it would give you a whole different experience than when you're traveling with someone else. You can kind of know yourself better throughout these journeys. Actually this applies to any other trips as well. And this, friends, was the beginning of my solo traveling.
My hotel was not in the center of Paris, and I had a little problem finding my way back to the hotel at 11pm but thankfully, I met a lovely French lady who would walk me and show me the way to the hotel. Mille merci!
And I also met a friend of mine, who studied in Caen and at that time was also in Paris. We met 6-7 years ago as we took our first French class (and also the last for me haha). I could never have imagined that we would meet each other in France!
The city is beautiful, but there are sooo much going on in the city, I just can't imagine if I had to live in Paris. I also went to Versailles, which is famous with its Chateau and those posh houses.... so beautiful! As I didn't have a smartphone with me, so I had to be able to read maps (city maps, metro lines, etc) and it really helps me to survive discovering the city all by myself. I really recommend Montmartre to visit, it's near the Moulin Rouge area and the Sacre Coeur cathedral, the atmosphere is just so alive at night and there are a lot of friendly local restaurants waiting for us to give it a try! Anyway, I might have eaten too many crepes and croissants.


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