Easy Green Smoothie and How I Nourish Myself

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Hi there. This time I wanna share something that has been floating on my mind for awhile, regarding how the world is changing so rapidly and what we can do about it.
About a couple of years ago, I bought a book called 'Eating Animal' by Jonathan Safran Foer. I was about 15 when I read it and decided that I'm not going to eat meat and chicken anymore because it was gross, but I didn't really understand what does it actually have to do with doing something better for the environment.
Until last month, I found a vegan personality account on Instagram, Essena Oneill. I watched her videos on Youtube and watched a documentary called 'Cowspiracy' and after I watched it, I felt so angry and frustrated with how cruel this agribusiness industry actually works. I've been saving water, gas, electricity and reducing plastic use and it's almost nothing compared to how vast the destruction is made to keep the animal agriculture going.
In my last post I said that I'm not a vegan, but I am seriously considering to turn vegan. I'm not going to turn vegan in one day but I'm taking small steps to get there. People can say that I'm doing this because of the vegan trend or that I'm trying to lose weight or anything, but the most important thing is I know I'm doing this to save the environment and the planet that we're living in. There's also this satisfaction every time I do something that I know would bring something good for others, not just for me. So go ahead, find any justifications that you're still going to eat meat because it has nothing to do with global warming. I'm not asking other people to be vegan, but I really want them to consider the choices that we have to be a better person and be more empathetic. The facts are out there, and if we're not going to make a change, we're going to regret our actions in the next years after everything is too late.

  • Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 % of green house gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportations.
  • Methane is 25-100 times more destructive than CO2
  • Emissions for agriculture projected to increase 80% by 2050
  • Animal agriculture use ranges from 34-76 trillion gallons of water annually.
  • Each day, a person who eats a vegan diet saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 20 square ft of forested land, 20 lbs of CO2 equivalent and one animal's life.
There you go! The choice is in our hands, whether we want to do something or just sit and watch as our planet being destroyed.

Moving on to a much lighter topic (hehe) there's a yummy green smoothie recipe for you. And anyway, if you guys ever wondered what acai, lucuma, chia seeds etc is, I'm going to make another post about these superfoods later! :)

What you need:
1 frozen banana, cut in chunks
1/2-1 frozen pineapple, cut in chunks
2 tsp of moringa powder
250 ml cold water

All you need to do is blend all the ingredients until smooth and enjoy!

I've been drinking this smoothie for the last 3 days every morning, and I already feel so energized. My parents are a bit sick right now, probably because of the season change, but I'm really grateful that I'm not, even feel so much better and fitter than before!


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