Hello, gorgeous souls! How have you been doing? It's been awhile since I last wrote a travel post and I think it's time to talk about solo traveling! I am not in anyway a professional traveler so I'm basically just going to talk about my experiences and thoughts along the way.

I was incredibly lucky to be given the chance to visit some tiny bits of this beautiful world and I think it shows us that we're nothing compared to how vast this planet that we're living in. 5 years ago I was probably just laying in my bed, wondering if I will ever have the chance to set foot in another foreign country. Life is amazing in its own way, isn't it?
The reason I decided to travel alone was basically because I had this urge to explore and I couldn't do it if I was to wait someone who wanted to go with me. I also traveled in groups a couple of times and it was also really fun, but different kind of fun, if you know what I mean haha
On some trips I didn't go completely alone, and that's one of my tips if you're not feeling sure to go out there by yourself. What I did was; I tried to contact some friends I know who live in the city and ask if I could stay in their place and if they could accompany me exploring the city. Or if they can't do that, we would meet up somewhere and talk and maybe ask them some insider tips around the city so I wouldn't be completely lost in a foreign place. I've done that when I was in Hamburg, Ingolstadt, Munich, and Paris. Except in Amsterdam because it was a day-trip which means I didn't have to stay the night there, so I went alone.

Pros of traveling solo:

  • Time flexibility. You don't have to depend on someone or wait for your traveling partner. I personally don't like depending on someone to go somewhere else so I think that's one of the perks for me.
  • Deepening the connection with your instinct. While I was traveling around Europe last year, I didn't have a smartphone at that time. No internet and no Google Maps. I could only rely on paper maps and my instinct. So yes, I think the best advice is probably to trust your instinct. And your mouth is also an asset, in case you get lost and need to ask for directions :p
  • Meeting new people. Because you're on your own makes it easier for you to make new friends along the way. Make sure first that they're someone you can trust and not suspicious.
  • You can understand yourself better. Learn from experiences. Why did you get lost? Did you pay enough attention to the signs? Do you have any courage to ask that stranger the way to get back to the hotel? I considered myself a bit shy before, but after some solo trips I learned that there's a part of me that could change and be more curious, more courageous and more spontaneous.

Cons of traveling solo:

  • Loneliness. The biggest thing I have learned to deal with since I first came in Germany. It's inevitable, you will feel lonely at some point but it's not that horrible, trust me. Just find ways to embrace it. You're not going to be alone forever, just so you know.
  • You need better time management. Because you have no one to tell you to do this or that, move that ass and make schedule of things you want/must do in that place for the day or as long as you stay there.
  • I can't recall what else are the big cons of traveling solo but whatever it is, it's totally normal. Stuff happens. I got lost in the middle of the night in Paris trying to get back to my hotel. I had to walk the whole day around Amsterdam while fasting because I miscalculated the date of first Ramadan last year. I waited from 3am until 6am at the train station alone because I didn't know the first train that weekend came at 6am.
See? It's not always fun traveling alone, for sure. But you will be more grateful to be able to be there and your eyes will be more open to the big yet small world that is planet Earth.

"The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready." - Henry David Thoreau