Hi there! This post is definitely gonna be one of my favorite because I was finally able to have a proper holiday, with my favorite people, doing one of my favorite things; road trip! It was bit of a bummer that not all 7 of us could go but we had tremendous amount of fun with loads of laughter, sore feet, camp food, monkeys and back aches from sitting too long. But hey, that's what we signed up for, right?

So I went to Jember, East Java with my 4 best friends and my brother, in search of adventure and beach camping. Turned out this place has a lot to offer but we only managed to get to 2 of the beautiful beaches and built our camp by the sea that night. After 5 hours of car karaoke, we finally arrived. The first beach that we went to was Puger. It's still super clean and we were the only visitors at that time apart from 2 other people so we got the beach for ourselves! This is the kind of beach that you'd find in Bali, but with no crowds, all the disgusting trashes and overpriced touristic stuff. We stayed there until the sun sets, break our fast and then we drove to the next beach: Papuma.

This beach. Is. The. Bomb. We've wanted to go since a loooong time ago when we were still in school but the opportunity never came. So when we finally realized that we can't see each other that much anymore, we started to plan a trip together and this place is definitely worth it. Because it was already dark, we had to ask the locals the way to the beach and we drove through this little bumpy road with no lightings whatsoever hahaha
We arrived safely at the beach which obviously we couldn't see because it was dark and found the perfect spot to set up our tents. And I tell you what, the sky was... soooo breathtakingly beautiful with abundance of shining stars and the calming sound of the waves. I just felt so lucky. After our tents are done, we cooked dinner which ended up ridiculously acceptable hahahaha I wouldn't tell you our cooking story in details, but it involved saliva dripping down the noodles and other impossible things. But heck yes we survived.
So the next morning we woke up to a bunch of monkeys looking for food. They kind of raided the rest of our food from last night so it wasn't a big deal. It was funny though, we didn't know what was happening at first because those monkeys appeared out of nowhere and walking towards us suspiciously so we all hid in the tents and after a while we realized how ridiculous we were. I mean... hiding from monkeys? Seriously?!
It rained just a little bit that morning and we couldn't see the sea because of the thick fogs. A little disappointed, we hoped for a better weather, packed our stuff and stayed at the shore until the sun comes out again. Luckily, the sun did come out and the fogs were already gone after a few hours and we could finally see the beach and its stunning views. After attempting to build a sand castle and failing, we decided to play with the waves until around noon. Soaking wet, tired and happy, we cleaned ourselves up and headed home. Too bad it was over, but I'm pretty sure this is not the end of our adventures.

So I guess that's all for now. I'm so sad that my time with my loved ones are drastically limited, since we used to see each other everyday and now we barely meet throughout the year. But the best thing is, no matter how long I've been away, nothing's changed. They're still the goofballs I used to know and we can literally tell each other everything. Distance makes the hearts grow fonder, right? Till another time then!

Rara xx