Yes, that's right! You can put in any vegetables and fruits that you have in the fridge or are in season right now. It's already fall here and apples are everywhere. So I thought why not put it in good use by tossing it with some veg in the fridge?

I actually got asked about salad recipes a lot. But honestly, I have no proper salad recipes because I just put in what I like, depending on my current mood. I personally don't like heavy dressings like Thousand Islands or mayonnaise or anything with cream in it, so I always go with olive oil and vinegars as the basic dressing. I sometimes mixed my salad with argan oil when I lived in Cologne, but since good quality argan oil is not easy to find and a bit on the pricey side, olive oil is great too.

What you need:
Salad leaves (lettuces, spinach, chicoree, whatever you like)
Fruits (apples/pears/berries, etc)
Generous splash of olive oil
Generous drizzle of vinegar (apple cider vinegar/raspberry vinegar/balsamico, I used walnut vinegar)

  • Wash the veg and fruit thoroughly, make sure no dirts are left.
  • Using a salad spinner, dry the leaves until there's no water dripping anymore. If you don't have a salad spinner, just make sure that the veg are not wet or else the dressing won't mix properly.
  • Add the olive oil and vinegar, and mix it well so all parts of the salad are completely covered with the dressing.
  • Enjoy!
Oh wait, I also made a "side" for this salad yesterday. It's really, really easy but tastes so, so good. Spread some hummus on rice cakes, sprinkle with some chili flakes and pepper. Done! I ate 5 of those yesterday because it was so goood.

Rara xx