I think I am very, very blessed in a million ways but don't feel like I deserve it. I did have a tough time this year, but everything turned out so great and perfectly timed. I don't have an abundance of money nor branded clothes and bags (you should see how big my wardrobe is) but this year I met lots of new and nice people, got to learn new things, having kind and like-minded people as housemates, went to a demonstration for the first time regarding the refugees' right in Germany.. everything was just so exciting I didn't feel homesick at all!

I felt a little bad about the not-feeling-homesick thing, tobe honest. It doesn't mean that I don't miss home and don't want to go back or something like that. It's just that it feels nice to have a place outside home where you feel like you belong. I like being independent and do things that I want to do and maybe that's why.

Also, I think it's fascinating how I got to meet people who believe in the same thing like I do. First example, the people I've lived with in Germany are all vegetarian (coincidence?) My host family is vegetarian and my current housemate is also vegetarian, although the other one isn't but he doesn't eat meat at home.
Secondly, it's about the refugees issue in Europe which has been a big deal for a while. In my opinion, these people who flee their home to find safety need to be helped. Sometimes I don't even know if I still have faith in humanity, because there are actual people out there who think that these refugees don't deserve shelter and food, let alone set their foot in their country! Like, seriously? What if it were you? What if you were the one who had to flee your country because it's the only way to save your family, even if it means walking hundreds of miles in the cold for weeks? Last month I went to a demonstration with my housemates against people who refuse to help these refugees and it was so exciting and I'm so glad there are still people who care about the fate of others. About 250 people showed up to defend the rights of the refugees and there was only 70 people from the contra-refugee side. We sent them home and I even brought home vegan energy balls from a kind stranger who brought some bread and vegan cheese, vegan snack and water.
Can you imagine how amazing the power of this thing? When you believe in something good and always try to be positive, the people who have the same vibes will come at you!

So I guess I've rambled enough this time. Haven't got time to write in a while because of the tight pre-college schedule but I'll check in sometime again soon!

Rara xx