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Phew, i have to admit this past week wasn't very easy. I had an interview for a part-time job on wednesday in Morlautern which is just outside the city. I didn't let myself to have much expectations and the place was actually not very promising, somehow. But I hopped in the bus and went there, it was my first day of period and my whole body was aching from PMS-ing but I decided to give it a try. The woman who was the head cook at the place didn't look very impressed with me and it only lasted for about 10 minutes, she told me to come again on Friday to work.
I was actually pretty happy because I was about to have my own money, finally, but no. On Friday she called me to cancel our appointment and said that she's found someone to fill in the place. I was half relieved to hear that, because I actually wouldn't want to work until late night and take the last bus home. On the other side, i was disappointed because it means i have to look for another job..
I also got into a little misunderstanding with a good friend of mine, later this week. Plus, another friend asked if I wanted to go to Strasbourg and I said yes but somehow things didn't work out very well and it got cancelled.
So that left me a bit tired and sad. Today, on Sunday, i decided to turn off my phone for a day and I'm glad i did it.
I had breakfast. Called my mom. Turned off the phone. Cooked warm carrot and cannelini salad with salsa for lunch. Did a little yoga. Went for a run on the park. Showered. Colored a mandala while listening to a podcast I've been meaning to listen since ages.. Ate some cake with my flatmate and had a little chat. Read a book.

There are so many things I've missed this whole time while being busy meeting up with friends or updating my life on social medias. All we need is to live in real life, be present and do little things that make you happy without being attached to your gadget and you'll see how amazing it is.

Rara xx


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