My 21st Birthday In A Post

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So as you might or might not know, I don't celebrate my own birthday. In fact, I appreciate even if someone just to write 'hb' (read: happy birthday) on my Facebook wall. And this year I am so so grateful that I could spend my birthday surrounded by the people (and pets included) that I love.

This post is also a thank-you post for everyone who made my day on February 25th, which means every single one of you who gave me hugs and kind wishes <3

I started off the day pretty well, because I woke up earlier than usual and the sun was out so I decided to go jogging at the park. As I went home, my flatmate was already awake, he gave me a hug (yes, despite my dirty, sweaty clothes and face) and we had breakfast together. My other flatmate woke up a bit later and turned out she secretly baked me a cake the other night! I blew off the candle and everybody went off to uni.

And then my friends showed up, we cooked together and ate vegetable curry AND vanilla ice cream AND a huge slice of another cake. That was a lot, I know.

A couple of days later, my girl friends also showed up, brought me an ice cream cake (how good is that?) And we ate it together and it was gone in no time!

So yeah, for someone who didn't plan on celebrating her birthday, that turned out to be really festive. I'm extremely grateful that so many of you cared enough to wish me a happy birthday and good prayers. It all comes back to you guys!! <3 even more amazing is that I feel like I've found a home in another place away from home.. hopefully we'll all have thousands of nice things to celebrate and be grateful of in the next years.

Xx Rara


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