I am feeling so content and at peace in the past couple of weeks.

Number one. Starting uni wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I love all the changes that are happening in my life lately. I got a job (!), met new people, made new friends, go to classes at uni.. All of it make me so excited about life, even though sometimes I have to leave home at 8am and be back at 8pm. I love the fact that the new routine challenges me and makes me more active inside and out!

Number two. One day I came home feeling exhausted and as soon as my housemates and I talked about each other's day, my heart felt instantly lighter and warm. I love that we can talk about everything. Life, Universe, religion, cat's poo, blood sausages, The Lion King, solar panels. I also love when we just cook together in silence while listening to Jack Johnson.

Number three. I'm trying to love my body and myself in general. This is probably the one that needs more time and self-acceptance, but I'm working on that. I love the fact that I can allow myself to eat a piece (or two) of cake or chocolate and also tell myself to workout more and eat healthier. Because everything in moderation, right? ;)

I'm looking forward to discovering new, exciting things in life and I hope you are, too!

Rara xx