A lot of people have asked me about how I nourish my body, especially the ones who I recently met, fellow Indonesians or friends at uni. Just to be clear, I don't restrict my body to eat animal products that much. Since I mentioned in another post that I want to be vegan, I've experimented a lot with the way I eat and my body. The reason why I started to be vegetarian in the first place is because I was sick of meat. The smell, the texture, the taste. Later I found out that not only the meat being sold at the markets nowadays (especially in European markets) is not ethical, they contribute hugely to the global warming. I am a vegetarian, under circumstances I am a pescatarian (for instance at home in my parents' house, because they only buy local and good fish). But since I'm living in another place and not at home, I'm pretty happy with being vegetarian and my body is saying it's happy too!

Like I said, I was considering to be vegan and I try to eat vegan at least once a week. But it doesn't mean that being vegan is the best way to nourish oneself.
After a lot of experimenting, I came to a conclusion that my body is not reacting well to dairy products. So I cut off cow milk and switched to soy/oat/other non-dairy milk. I'm also trying to avoid yoghurt, cheese and butter but it doesn't mean that I won't eat them anymore. Just maybe once every couple of months I will eat yoghurt or have pasta with cheese.
I'm also not saying no to eggs. I almost never buy eggs since I moved to Germany. Occasionally, I eat them when my housemate brings some eggs from his house because they have healthy, happy chickens and their eggs are delicious! But other than that, I can't guarantee if the eggs in the supermarkets are really free from disgusting hormones and chemicals.
Sweets. I'm not a big fan of sweets, but love chocolate and dried fruits. I still eat cakes and cookies sometimes. You just have to know the right amount of naughtiness ;)
After trying to eat vegan for a couple of weeks, I notice that I was constantly tired. And I don't blame the vegan diet, I just think that my body doesn't need it. It wants a balanced and more nature-sourced diet, yes, but not vegan. I've done a lot of research about veganism and know that it's absolutely cool and okay to be vegan. But I love my body and I want to be as fair as I can be to myself and the Earth so I decided to always try to eat local, organic and balanced.

So what do I eat on a daily basis? I eat plenty of oats and other grains, beans, fruits, veggies (always buy local products if you can!), nut butter, bread, pasta, rice, sweet potatoes, sooo many other tasty and delicious food! I also try to stay active and to not miss meal time (especially breakfast) because it's important that your body gets the right fuel it needs.

Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day. Most of the time I have oats for breakfast, whether in müsli or porridge, or even home made oat bars. Sometimes I'd like to have some change and have bread with avocado instead. (I only buy spanish avocadoes because the peruvians or South Americans cost too many CO2) Here's my recipe of oat porridge. It's easy, cheap, filling and tasty!

And as always, there's no measuring amount because I just use my feeling when I cook! :D

Oats (about 80g, maybe?)
Non-dairy milk or water (double the amount of oats, depends on your liking)
Fruits (I used raspberies, apricots and banana)
1 tbsp of lucuma powder (optional)

>> Cook everything in a pot on low to medium heat, stirring occasionally.
>>Transfer to a bowl, top with more fruits and sunflower seeds.
>> Enjoy!

I discovered spoken word poetry -and Sarah- a few years ago and instantly fell in love with her poems. They speak the truth about human feelings, empowerment and even little things in life. One of my favorite poems of hers ever is this one. This makes me realize that men don't define you as a woman. If they can accept you with the way you define yourself as a woman, they're a keeper!

The Type

If you grow up the type of woman men want to look at,
you can let them look at you.
But do not mistake eyes for hands or windows or mirrors.
Let them see what a woman looks like.
They may have not ever seen one before.

If you grow up the type of woman men want to touch,
you can let them touch you.
Sometimes, it is not you they are reaching for.
Sometimes it is a bottle, a door, a sandwich, a Pulitzer-
another woman.
But their hands found you first.
Do not mistake yourself for a guardian or a muse or a promise
or a victim or a snack.
You are a woman- skin and bones, veins and nerves, hair and sweat.
You are not made out of metaphors, not apologies, not excuses.

If you grow up the type of woman men want to hold,
you can let them hold you.
All day they practice keeping their bodies upright.
Even after all this evolving it still feels unnatural.
Still strains the muscle, hold firms the arms and spine.
Only some men will want to learn what it feels like to curl
themselves into a question mark around you,
admit they do not have the answers they thought they would
by now.
Some men will want to hold you like the answer.
You are not the answer.
You are not the problem.
You are not the poem or the punch-line or the riddle or the joke.

Woman, if you grow up the type men want to love,
you can let them love you.
Being loved is not the same thing as loving.
When you fall in love, it is discovering the ocean after years of
puddle jumping.
It is realizing you have hands.
It is reaching for the tightrope when the crowds have all gone 

Do not spend time wondering if you are the type of women
men will hurt.
If he leaves you with a car alarm heart, you learn to sing along.
It is hard to stop loving the ocean even after he has left you
gasping- "salty."
So forgive yourself for the decisions you've made.
The ones you still call mistakes when you tuck them in at night.
And know this:
Know you are the type of woman who is searching for a place
to call yours.
Let the statues crumble.
You have always been the place.
You are a woman who can build it yourself.
You are born to build.