I'm so impatient and late night swim

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Okay so I need to apologize for not writing in a long time. Way too long, actually, as I promised myself I have to write more often so I can look back on my life journey later when I get older (uni and work got really intense in the past couple of months..)

I feel like I need to talk about destiny, the moment you meet someone new, and the moment you say goodbye to them.

I don't believe in coincidence. Well, if you ask me, I believe coincedences exist... in our eyes, human's eyes. When in fact, everything happens for a reason and was already written. Sometimes all we have to do is to choose. Our choices determine our life's paths. If I didn't choose to leave home, I wouldn't have ended up here, in a small town, being an engineering student and a part-time worker, I wouldn't have met people who made me feel alive and excited about life, wouldn't have done things I didn't know I could.. So I'm glad I made that choice and I think I did that also because I'm stubborn, gotta admit ;)

Sometimes I get really frustrated thinking about the future. I'm basically a pretty impatient person and the fact that there are times where I don't have any control of the future at all is emotionally challenging for me. And also it's pretty ironic because one of my middle names is Shabrina and is the Arabic word for patience. So right now I'm a bit sad that I have to say goodbye to one of my favorite people really soon.. He's gonna be back in half a year but it's hard when you see people everday and suddenly they're not there anymore. I totally would skip the 6 months of cold and dark winter if I could. But hey, maybe all those 5-6 months won't be bad at all. Maybe our 'coincidences' would surprise us in a way that we wouldn't expect. And all these 'maybes'.. are what makes life interesting.

Oooh and this week I just experienced one of the most beautiful and magical nights in my life. My roommates and I drove to a lake just outside town, snuck in and went swimming under the full moon light. That moment was so peaceful, exciting and beautiful at the same time. Well, peaceful until Fabi walked slowly into the water as he was singing 'I'm coming like a wreeeckinng baaalll!' hahaha. The moon was shining so bright that we didn't need any flashlight to walk the dark, little paths in the forest. After swimming, we sat by the lake, wrapped in blankets and talked about funny/annoying roommates experience, culture, life, things that you wouldn't have time to talk about in daily life. You guys, if you haven't done it yet, do it! The feeling of the old leaves at the bottom of the lake when your feet touch it, the warm water, the sound of owls at night.. I love everything about it.

Imagine this lake, but at night.

So until then, folks! Just finished my first exam of this semester yesterday so I'm just gonna chill a bit and go to the grill party with other volunteers this afternoon. Have a nice time y'all!



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