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there are things i never imagined i would do.
i didn't know some smells can take you
to the memories you've long forgotten.
like the little kitten
that my grandma used to feed
or the smell of flowers 
in the middle of summer in spain.
the night i lie in bed while listening to lana del rey.

i always thought i was strong enough.
until i meet people.
sometimes i regret i've met people
and sometimes i cherish i've met them.
i don't think i'm strong anymore.

people build images of you in their minds.
you think you're doing well
and then you see them and they would tell
"you don't have to pretend,
i know, because i'm messed up too"
so i let my guards down
probably not the best thing i've ever done

i never really believed that you could tell
how sincere someone is
when you touch each other.
or when you kiss.
or when he strokes your hair.
i think i've found out the answer.


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